Fellowship, Not a Church

In addition to our statements of belief, we also feel it prudent to make a statement of what we are not.

Gaming Fellowship Clan, Guild, Whatever

Christian Expeditionary Force is a gaming fellowship. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and establish ourselves as a beacon of light in some very dark places of the world. However, our primary purpose for existing is to play video games with other Christians so we can 1) build each other up, and, 2) have fun. I can not stress this enough.

Not A Church!

Over the years, many have tried to impose the Bible’s layout of how a church should operate on how a group of friends playing video games should operate. Often times this has been done to the extent of spiritual abuse against other members. We acknowledge that the Biblical foundation for a church is a great example to learn from, but it is for churches! Not gaming clans!

The guild leader does not hold the spiritual authority or responsibility of a pastor. The officers do not hold the spiritual authority or responsibility of deacons. We are friends who are playing video games together. Nothing more!

Discipleship: Basic Part of a Balanced Friendship

Although we may, as friends minister, pray, and disciple each other; We are only a guild—a group of friends. Edifying each other emotionally and spiritually is a natural part of living out the Christian life.

We are by no means quiet about what we believe! Regular discussions about life, the Bible, our faith, convictions, and prayer are a part of normal discussion.  At the same time we are human beings enjoying a game after a hard day.  We do not “Bible bash” or “force” anything on anyone.

Christian Expeditionary Force will never, ever be able to take the place of a local body of Believers. It is a great supplement, but you should never depend on our clan for your complete spiritual and social fulfillment.

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