What does NX mean?

So some may be wondering (and rightfully so), “What does the NX mean in the address nx.christianforce.net?” Well, the answer is actually very simple, but because I’m writing this to have some filler content to see how the website looks with more posts I’m inevitably going to have to draw out the answer.

DF-9FYou see, back in the day, I ran a StarTrek Play By Email Role Playing Game (ST PBEM) called Daleth Fleet (Daleth is a Hebrew letter). Daleth Fleet was my pride and joy for the longest time. In fact, you can still see it if you go to the Way Back Machine. In fact, if you really want to get into it, Daleth Fleet is the long lost Great Great Grandfather of Christian Expeditionary Force. I ran Daleth Fleet for three years. It was never very successful and was really a teenagers experiment at web design and leadership. Nonetheless, it’s what got me involved in online communities.

So after I retired Daleth Fleet, I and a few friends still kept in touch (Thank you Christopher Hutchinson & Kris Sisk for your friendship) and we hung out and took part in a little project called Adoration Cafe (that apparently never was well known enough to actually be archived). That lead to Light Source Gaming Clan which is the Grandfather of Christian Expeditionary Force. LS as we called it focused mainly in StarTrek: Elite Force (a FPS) and later Nexuiz (an open source FPS). In is heyday it had maybe 7 members.

It was because of aforementioned friends that I started playing a relatively new game called Guild Wars. Some life stuff happened and they stopped playing and we went our separate ways. I was more or less alone in a game meant to be played with people (and in fact required it beyond a point). So after a month of being apart of a guild with a guy who was kind of questionable, I broke out and headed off on my own.

So one night while traveling in Old Ascalon area (I can’t for the life of me recall the actual zone name), I started seriously considering making a guild based on Christian values where I wouldn’t be afraid to talk about God and praying for people. By the time I made it back to the city I was convinced that’s what I was going to do. But what was I going to call it? The idea of running around the world fighting evil head-on seemed like a fun idea for an RP. Since my past in online communities centered around RP I thought, “What about an elite team of Christians who are an analogy to fighting evil in the spiritual realm?” Well, in real life an Expeditionary Force is a military force sent to fight in a far away land. Tyria, the world of Guild Wars, fit that bill. Thus, Christian Expeditionary Force was born.

After some trial and error Christian Expeditionary Force took off. We were, at the time, the only known Christian guild in Guild Wars (later on there were others, but we were the first to publicly recruit as a Christian guild.) A few years went by and GW began to lose its luster and internal strife in an over-bloated and mismanaged CEF finally drove Moose away to a game called World of Warcraft (some friend called Monkey… we know him as Passalus) convinced him to give it a try. Moose disappeared from the world of GW, but the two of us talked regularly on Team Speak (we went through a lot together, eh, buddy?)

WoWScrnShot_060207_194140As things deteriorated in Guild Wars I found myself on the defensive and in constant arguments. It wasn’t long before I stopped signing in just to avoid the drama and bickering. Seeing me go through this for a few months, Moose invited me to try WoW. So in May of some odd year (I’m too tired to look up the exact date; I think it was 2005), I entered the World of Warcraft.

At first, it was just the two of us, Moose and Squirrel (i.e., Matthew), and that was fun. Moose literally escorted my mage (Anatelnova, later to become Anastashia) all over the place. This is back when questing wasn’t just harder…it was nuts. Especially for a clothie. After a few months the urge to make another guild arose and in summer of that year we founded Christian Force on the realm of Nordrassil. Now, <Christian Force> struggled for about a year to break 3 players. But at one point, we finally built up enough notoriety, and more importantly entered into God’s timing, the Guild began expanding rapidly.

So, in a nutshell (a very large nutshell) that is the history of the Christian Expeditionary Force you know and love. Having sufficiently veered away from the actual point of this post and having delved down numerous side streets I think it’s safe to say I’ve provided enough grammatically incorrect content to give you the answer about what NX means.

Remember that Daleth Fleet thing? Yeah, the StarTrek thing. Well, in the StarTrek universe Starfleet ships are given a registry (think of it like a license plate). A class of ship that had been thoroughly tested and was in production began their registry ‘NCC’ (for example, USS Enterprise NCC-1701). Well, a ship that was experimental, a prototype, didn’t start with NCC but NX instead. Hence why since the time of Daleth Fleet, I’ve incorporated NX into any prototype website as a hat tip to our ancient past.

BTW, if you’ve read all of this I tip my hat to you.

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