We are by no means quiet about what we believe! Regular discussions about life, the Bible, our faith, convictions, and prayer are a part of normal discussion.  At the same time we are human beings enjoying a game after a hard day.  We do not “Bible bash” or “force” anything on anyone. Its ironic that those who call Christians “bible bashers” are merely squelching opinions they disagree with and are doing the actual bashing! We accept any player who will respect our beliefs and guild standards.


Christian Expeditionary Force is a Christian fellowship guild concentrated in the MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW).  Our Alliance guild, IXOYE is located on  the US Realm of Medivh.  Our Horde guild, All Who Are Weary, is on US Nordrassil but considered “inactive”. Our focus is IXOYE with AWAW as a place for those who wish to experience Horde and still remain within the clan.

Uniquely, we are primarily focused on fellowship.  The dictionary defines “fellowship” as “company; companionship” and “community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience”.  The point of Christian Expeditionary Force is to create a group of friends who wish to experience the game together.  We make no promise or attempt to substitute our guild as a church.  Nor do we attempt to compete in hardcore raiding progression.  We enjoy the game together as people who share an interest and love in the Lord Jesus Christ.