Brother Cliff’s Memorial

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Stephen Goodale (Acmon), officer and friend, uploaded these images of the memorial gathering.

Cameron (Kwell) a long time friend and guild member composed a video with music using the pictures.

As well as these photos uploaded by me (Matthew Edmund – Debora).


A transcript of the memorial can be viewed on this thread on our forums as well as a nice summary and memorial message by Brother Sean on this thread.

Gone To Be With Jesus

This is one of those difficult times where we realize just how important this guild is. It is so easy to get lost in boss strategies, and auction housing, and PvP, and DPS meters. But I am thankful that the Lord’s presence has been with us and has used this fellowship of believers to make a true impact in the real lives of our fellow brothers and sisters; an impact that will last far beyond the duration of Warcraft or this world.

Tearfully, we bid farewell to our brother. He was a kind, gentle man who was a blessing to all who interacted with him. Yet our mourning for our brother is due to his temporary absence. We know that the Lord promises in His Word that we will be reunited with Cliff and the others who have gone before us. So in keeping with 1 Thessalonians 4:13:

We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, concerning those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve like the rest, who have no hope. (HCSB)

So now we grieve, but also we rejoice. Our brother Cliff is now home safely in the arms of Jesus and we will be reunited with him again someday.

Cliff is also survived by two sons and his wife. Please keep his entire family in your prayers.

Guild Ranks

Below is a link to the post detailing each rank, what’s required to obtain it, and what’s required to maintain it. I have carefully chosen the criteria for each rank to be reasonable for the level of access and responsibility it grants.stormwind bridge … 792&p=2335

Members should be aware of what’s required and how to obtain access to the guild bank and progress in ranks. Please note most members will never go beyond “Guardian” which can be viewed as a “full member” rank. “Chief Guardian” is reserved for players who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the game AND facilitated fellowship above and beyond that of a member.

Officers should be aware of the basics of rank progression and keep an eye on the activity of guild members and report to the officer forum or the individual player’s application page to make sure members are promoted and demoted appropriately.

Last but not least all members should be aware that with this ranking system demotions and promotions are a regular occurrence and reflect RECENT activity inside the game. It is not a direct reflection of your value as people or guild members. Every member is absolutely invaluable. This is merely a reward system to encourage guild participation; something absolutely necessary for the continued life of the guild. … 2335


Matthew Edmund
Leader & Founder
Christian Expeditionary Force