Top 1,500 – Orcs Must Die! 2

This morning Jonathan Wear (Karval) and Matthew Edmund (GideonDelta) completed an “endless” game of Orcs Must Die! 2  that landed them in the top 1,500 on the official leaderboard for the map, “King of the Hill.”  They played for over two hours and made it into wave 42 before being completely overwhelmed.

King of the Hill Top 1500 Score by GideonDelta and Karval

Screenshot of the Leaderboard on May 2, 2013

Orcs Must Die! 2 is described by Wikipedia as,

Like it’s predecessor, Orcs Must Die! 2 is a variation on a tower defense game…[T]he player must attempt to defend one or more Rifts from an onslaught of orc armies that emerge from one or more doors in a given level. The orc armies arrive in waves, between which the player is given time to recover and place additional traps…

…[T]he player selects a number of trap spells and equipment from their Spellbook (up to ten in single player modes)…Traps include those that are placed on ground, wall, or ceiling, which typically activate once and then require a short reset period before they are ready again…The player can also fight directly using weapons from their Spellbook, including magical abilities that consume mana. The player must watch their health; if they lose their health or fall off a level, they will respawn immediately but lose a number of Rift points…

Every orc that makes it through the player’s traps to a Rift will cost a number of Rift points. If the Rift points drop to zero, the level is considered lost and the player will have to start again…

Karval and GideonDelta play regularly. The game can be purchased on Steam quite cheaply ($15 as of this posting). Although Orcs Must Die 2 has not been rated by the ESRB, the first game in the series was rated T and is very similar to it’s sequel as far as content.

What does NX mean?

So some may be wondering (and rightfully so), “What does the NX mean in the address” Well, the answer is actually very simple, but because I’m writing this to have some filler content to see how the website looks with more posts I’m inevitably going to have to draw out the answer.

DF-9FYou see, back in the day, I ran a StarTrek Play By Email Role Playing Game (ST PBEM) called Daleth Fleet (Daleth is a Hebrew letter). Daleth Fleet was my pride and joy for the longest time. In fact, you can still see it if you go to the Way Back Machine. In fact, if you really want to get into it, Daleth Fleet is the long lost Great Great Grandfather of Christian Expeditionary Force. I ran Daleth Fleet for three years. It was never very successful and was really a teenagers experiment at web design and leadership. Nonetheless, it’s what got me involved in online communities. Continue reading