Christian Expeditionary Force is a private, non-commercial group. In other words, it’s supported out of pocket by its leaders. We are not underwritten by any company, church, or ministry. We are a free-standing, Christ-centered, family-friendly, not-for-profit group of Believers doing our best to positively impact our area of the Internet. As one of the busiest Christian gaming websites we have a fair amount of expenses from our domains to our ventrilo server. Not to mention that the website is maintained and updated by one person free of payment. We’ve invested 7 years into Christian Expeditionary Force and THOUSANDS of dollars during that time.

This is my request to you, if you have extra, if you can afford it, if you feel led by the Holy Spirit to do so, please support Christian Expeditionary Force financially. Can’t afford it? Don’t sweat it. We love you regardless. But if you can do it. If you can afford even $5. One lunch out at a fast food restaraunt. Please consider it.

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