Pardon Our Dust

The website will be a little messy over the next couple of weeks as we put our new website into full swing. If you notice any significant issues please leave a comment on this thread or email me at

Current Known Issues

  • Logging in and out through the forum interface is currently resulting in a white page.
  • Guild Application is missing…working on that. Visit this forum if you wish to apply.
  • Demo images haven’t all been replaced.

EDIT: Forums have been moved to  (address is NOT case sensitive)

Lightbox Added

So, I added a Lightbox to the images. It’s a little thing we take for granted, but it’s a nifty little polish to the website. What is a lightbox you might ask? It’s this thing that allows images to load on the page with a nice interface instead of taking you to just the graphic file. As an example click some of these nifty images below.

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