Now Serving Exodar

Recently, Blizzard began connecting realms. This connection is essentially the merging of two realms into a single realm. Denizens of each realm can freely interact with each other, use the same auction house, and… join the same guilds.

Our home server of Medivh has been joined with Exodar. This means that members of either Medivh or Exodar can now enter our guild without paying for a transfer. Cool, huh?

For those of you already here and not looking for a transfer, you also now have twice the available character slots for our server-group. If you didn’t previously have characters on Exodar, you can now create a character on Exodar and join our guild previously only available on Medivh. Altaholics rejoice!

On behalf of CEF, I’d like to welcome fellow Believers on Exodar to our new server-family, and encourage you to apply for our guild!

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is our home turf. Our presence in World of Warcraft was established in 2007. Since then we’ve expanded and moved to our current home of the U.S. server of Medivh. There our Alliance guild, IXOYE, makes up the majority of our activity and membership. We also have an inactive Horde guild on the U.S. server of Nordrassil for players who wish to experience the Horde side of things, and especially for those interested in pursuing the level 80 10-Man Ulduar Achievement, Herald of the Titans.

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What does NX mean?

So some may be wondering (and rightfully so), “What does the NX mean in the address” Well, the answer is actually very simple, but because I’m writing this to have some filler content to see how the website looks with more posts I’m inevitably going to have to draw out the answer.

DF-9FYou see, back in the day, I ran a StarTrek Play By Email Role Playing Game (ST PBEM) called Daleth Fleet (Daleth is a Hebrew letter). Daleth Fleet was my pride and joy for the longest time. In fact, you can still see it if you go to the Way Back Machine. In fact, if you really want to get into it, Daleth Fleet is the long lost Great Great Grandfather of Christian Expeditionary Force. I ran Daleth Fleet for three years. It was never very successful and was really a teenagers experiment at web design and leadership. Nonetheless, it’s what got me involved in online communities. Continue reading