World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is our home turf. Our presence in World of Warcraft was established in 2007. Since then we’ve expanded and moved to our current home of the U.S. server of Medivh. There our Alliance guild, IXOYE, makes up the majority of our activity and membership. We also have an inactive Horde guild on the U.S. server of Nordrassil for players who wish to experience the Horde side of things, and especially for those interested in pursuing the level 80 10-Man Ulduar Achievement, Herald of the Titans.

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Blog Post: Early Impression of Paladins 5.0

Debora RetributionAttempting to return to regular blog posts about the state of the game(s) and encourage discussion amongst the clan and those outside of it, I have posted my latest installment: Early Impressions of Paladins 5.0. In this blog post, I give my opinion about the state of Retribution during Cataclysm, and then express my optimism that the new talent system may actually pave the way to individualized playstyles…that are viable.


Let me just say, that I am completely and totally impressed with the changes Blizzard made to paladins as of the MoP patch, 5.0.x (Was it .4 or .5? I know we’re on .5 now…but I digress.)

Anyone who seriously played a paladin prior to Cataclysm would agree that Blizzard truly did BREAK the paladin at the beginning of the expansion. It is very rare that I will admit that a spec or class is broken. And maybe it’s unfair to say the paladin as a whole was broken, maybe, more fairly, retribution was broken. Healing wasn’t bad, prot was acceptable, but retribution was horrendous. I found my cloth characters with much lower level gear were significantly more survivable than my well geared retribution paladin. And it’s not because I didn’t adjust to the new play-style. Anyone who knows me knows I adapt and learn rotations almost like second nature.

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