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World of Warcraft is our home turf. Our presence in World of Warcraft was established in 2007. Since then we’ve expanded and moved to our current home of the U.S. server of Medivh. There our Alliance guild, IXOYE, makes up the majority of our activity and membership. We also have an inactive Horde guild on the U.S. server of Nordrassil for players who wish to experience the Horde side of things, and especially for those interested in pursuing the level 80 10-Man Ulduar Achievement, Herald of the Titans.

ESRB Rating: T for Teen

We have two guilds in World of Warcraft—Alliance & Horde. Please review the following information for more details.

Alliance (IXOYE)


Gilnean Wagon outside of StormwindIXOYE is the “flagship” of Christian Expeditionary Force. There are more players and more activity in IXOYE than all other divisions of CEF combined. As such IXOYE has a broad base of players from the hardcore raider to the casual altaholic. If you play WoW we strongly recommend you join this guild.

Members: 252 (as of 2012 December 15)

Unique Members (Apx.): 55

Favored Activities: Heroic Dungeons, Looking For Raid, Scenarios, Dungeons, Leveling, Crafting

Most Active Hours: 6pm to 11pm (Server Time)

Least Active Hours: 4am to 9am (Server Time)

Realm Info

Server: Medivh

Region: North America (US)

Type: Player Versus Environment (Normal)

Timezone: Eastern (-5 GMT)

Population: Moderate

Faction Bias: Alliance-heavy



Horde (All Who Are Weary)

Chasiti, Blood Elf Paladin in the Vault of ArchavonInfo

AWAW was created as a place for CEF members to experience the Horde facet of the game without having to join another game. AWAW commonly goes through spurts of activity with long times of inactivity. Still, for those who are looking for a quieter pace or simply just want to play Horde without a huge demand for constant interaction, AWAW is open.

More recently, a long-term project of AWAW is accomplishing the “Herald of the Titans” achievement. Herald of the Titans is accomplished by defeating Algalon the Observer with a character at level 80 wearing only gear with an item level that doesn’t surpass the highest gear available for Ulduar 10. We have several characters at the needed level, just need more! (Also open to OpenRaid groupings for those not interested in transferring or joining)

Members: 53 (as of 2012 December 15)

Unique Members (Apx.): 15

Favored Activities: Leveling, Wrath of the Lich King Content, Player Versus Player


Server: Nordrassil

Region: North America (US)

Type: Player Versus Environment (Normal)

Timezone: Pacific (-8 GMT)

Population: Light-Moderate

Faction Bias: Horde

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